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Welcome to Capeside Animal Hospital

Thank you for your interest in our hospital!  We are a full service animal hospital located in Leland, NC, minutes away from Wilmington, NC .  We provide medical and surgical care to dogs and cats and our philosophy of practice is to provide our patients and clients with high quality medical care in a compassionate and ethical manner. We are thrilled to announce that we have recently been evaluated and accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association ( Click here for more information). Please feel free to explore our website and we look forward to meeting you and your pets!

Capeside Animal Hospital has expanded. Capeside Cat Care is now open. It is a dedicated feline healthcare facility just for cats. Capeside Cat Care will be located right beside Capeside Animal Hospital in suite 103 in the Waterford shopping center in Leland, 5 minutes from downtown Wilmington.

Cat boarders enjoy large cat condos with a large picture window inside the Cat Center. The Cat Center lights are dimmer and the atmosphere  is infused with feline pheromones for a calming effect on your cat. Hours for the Cat Center are 7:30 - 6:00pm Monday through Saturday . We look forward to seeing you and your cat real soon.

We are an AAFP Cat Friendly Practice

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I have a 9 year old 80 pound American Staffordshire Terrier, Tank, who is frightened of dogs and everything else, for that matter. He has been cared for at Capeside Animal Hospital since December, 2007. If he had a bad experience he wants no part of you. Capeside Animal Hospital has a successful practice and could survive without my business but the integrity of the owner and staff would not settle for Tank’s departure. The professional care that he receives is why I continue to use their services. Bobbie, the Technician Supervisor, was assigned to the task of reassuring Tank that he is safe with them. This was not for their benefit but because they recognize Tank is a 9 year old Pit Bull who needs proper health care. Tank needs his nails trimmed every 6 weeks and Bobbie has worked with him over the past year to assure him that he was safe. On his last visit Tank seemed to be back to his anxious old ways. Capeside practice and particularly Bobbie went above and beyond when Bobbie offered to come in before the office opened to attend to Tank. When a tired eye and still morning voice Bobbie brought Tank out to me in the lobby, his tail was wagging and he even took a treat. His nails looked the best they had in years.I knew at that moment my fear of good health care for my Pit Bull was gone. If I wore a hat it would be off to Bobbie and her eternal smile and patience’s for putting her 4 legged pal’s needs in front of her.



Capeside Cares, they have my 100% Confidence, and the staff shows sincere Concern for my pets. These are only several ways that I can describe the excellent and professional staff of Capeside Animal Hospital. For six years, my 3 cats have had the benefit of the convenient location and attentive care at Capeside. I have complete confidence in the doctors, their abilities and services offered. My cats are part of my family and the staff treats my pets as if they are “one of their family”. My cats also have had great experiences being boarded, when I am out of town and I am completely content knowing that I am leaving them in great hands! Thank You Capeside!

T. Sholy, Leland


I currently have four dogs, one Belgian Malinios, one Rottweiler, and two Pugs, all of which I bring to Capeside for all of their veterinary needs.We have been clients of Capside Animal Hospital for five years!In the five years we have been clients of Capeside, we have experienced the most professional, personable, quality care possible. With four dogs, we frequent the vet and have been seen for surgery, dental, emergency services, preventative care, and grooming, just to name a few. The doctors, as well as the staff, have a genuine care and concern for my pets and my family, and provide the best quality care possible. Procedures are explained to me in a way in which I understand and every decision that is made by the doctors is made in the best interest of my pets. The knowledge and experience of the doctors at Capeside is far superior to that of other vet clinics, which sets them apart from the competition. At no time does any question I have go unanswered, and I even receive follow up care and phone calls regarding questions I may have based on the care I received. It’s an amazing feeling to know that my pets are not just another number and that they are just as important to the staff at Capeside as they are to me!

S.Blasingame, Leland


I would highly and without any hesitation or doubt recommend Capeside Animal Hospital to anyone who is looking for a group of hardworking, dedicated, compassionate, caring people - from the front desk to the veterinarians. The entire staff has shown over the years extreme compassion and exhaustive measures to help my pets at any time .I could write a book from the number of testimonials I would like to share.

One of my pets, Lady Jane Grey, a 6 year old beautiful grey and white poodle, who was a puppy mill survivor, was in very bad shape, flea and tick infested, heart worm positive, thin and sickly. After excellent care through FFAR, I adopted her and had her for a short 6 weeks when she developed breathing issues. She needed to be taken to Cary, a two and a half hour drive, for further evaluation and treatment. The problem was that she was unable to be out of the oxygen cage for more than a few minutes. The entire staff put their heads together, researched where they could find a small portable oxygen tank and built a portable oxygen container/crate to transport her. What was especially important to me was the fact that one of the staff drove with me and Lady Jane because one person was needed to watch the oxygen tank while the other drove. Needless to say, it was a very long day. When we returned back to Capeside late at night. Dr. Hanby had waited for us to return so that I could pick up my 3 dogs that had boarded for the day. This, to me was the epitome of a group that will go above and beyond the call of duty for their clients.

In brief, I have the utmost confidence in all of the staff of Capeside for the quality of care shown to my animals and me. Whether the care is routine, critical, or emergency care. They all go above the call of duty and are all available for whatever questions or concerns that I have for my pets.

C.Gillis, Leland,NC

Dr. Bush took time to listen, discuss my concerns for my 15 year old cat. She is very professional, yet it was like talking to an old friend. Sammy has made a new friend and so have I! Thank you!

S. Dancy, Leland


Highly recommend!! Capeside has a highly professional and competent staff of Doctors who are friendly and most importantly – caring and concerned about not only your pets but you as well. They have been extremely responsive to all our needs – are conveniently located and their hours of operation are exceptional compared to others. In addition, they have an extremely pleasant, efficient, courteous and well-trained staff of assistants.

M.Tepper, Southport


Capeside Animal Hospital

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