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Lots of us are trying to shed those extra holiday pounds this time of year. If you're planning on losing weight in 2014, you should include your pet!

It's estimated that around 1/3 of dogs and cats are overweight. Taking your dog for a walk is healthy for both of you, and the companionship of a pet gives you extra incentive and inspiration to get off the couch and get moving. Just like humans, overweight pets are much more likely to have health problems and diseases including diabetes, heart disease, skin conditions, joint problems, and even liv...

Around this time of year, lots of us are making resolutions and setting goals for ourselves. New Year's resolutions aren't just for people though, you can include your pets as well. We've picked out a few simple things you can do to help you and your pet have a healthy, happy 2014.

It’s estimated that between 25 and 40 percent of dogs and 31 percent of people in this country are overweight. The saying goes that if your dog is overweight, then you probably aren't getting enough exercise either. Getting the leash out and g...

Sometimes we forget that cold weather can be just as hard for pets as it is for us. They're just as accustomed to being nice and warm inside of your home as you and your family are! Not all animals are adapted to living outdoors, so leaving outside for extended periods of time can be harmful to them, putting them in danger of many things including serious illnesses. 

As it starts to get colder, keep your pets inside as much as possible. A good rule of thumb for how long is too long to leave them outside is to go outside with them. Once you ...

As happy as the holidays can be, they also pose many dangerous possibilities to pets. From decorations to foods to chemicals, it's best to pay close attention to your pets this time of year and know the cautions. 

Many holiday plants pose threats to animals when ingested such as holly, mistletoe, poinsettia, lilies and Christmas rose. The stagnant water that can be found under real Christmas tree's in your home can be toxic when ingested as well. Pine needles can also irritate a pet's intestine and cause an emergency visit to the vet over t...

Many people believe that because their pets have a coat of fur they are able to withstand the cold better than humans. This is not the case. Like us, animals are accustomed to the warmth of indoor shelter and cold weather can as hard on them as it is on people. Forcing animals to be outside during harsh weather can lead to serious illness.

Tips for Indoor Safety in Winter

  • If you use a space heater or light a fire, watch your pets closely. They are as attracted to the warmth as you are, so make sure their tails or paws do not come in contact with ...